Send the poor to the poor?

An interesting comment the other day by a guy from one of the ends of the earth. They had just done a devotional on Elijah how during a drought God had sent him to a poor widow of Zarephath. (1 Kings 17:8ff) The man asked, “Why would God send a poor prophet to be taken care of by a poor widow? If I sent my son to the city to go to school, I would look for a family that was well off for him to stay with. Why didn’t God sent Elijah to a family that was better off?”

Why indeed? Years later Elisha stayed with just such a family, the Shunnamite woman who provided him with his own furnished room.

Perhaps God sent Elijah to a poor woman so that His provision would be more clearly seen. If only the rich help others, then they get all the blessing. Maybe too, when the rich help, they are often just relying on their wealth and not on God to provide, whereas the poor woman had to trust God to provide the wherewithal for her to feed the prophet.


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