Praise: because He is worthy

Praise must never become a pragmatic device for getting blessing from God. Whenever you sincerely praise Him, the blessing will come. Praise changes things – and people.*

I wonder if there is a name for this kind of statement. This is the kind of statement that makes my mind woggle! I agree completely with the first sentence. But the effect of the next two sentences is to reverse what was said in the first! When reading the next 2 sentences the corrupt old man/ sarks/flesh/ sin nature immediately tries to sneak in there and get me to praise God all the while subtly hoping to gain blessing and get things or people changed by doing so, deceiving me by reassuring me that it isn’t a pragmatic device. The result then is that I end up praising God precisely as a pragmatic device for getting blessing! It’s back to me doing good works to gain favor and blessing.

The only reason we should praise God is BECAUSE HE IS WORTHY! It has nothing to do with blessings or changing things or people.

And I would submit that the praising does NOT change anything. HE is the source of all goodness. God is totally and utterly in control. Knowing Who He is, His sovereignty, His righteousness, justice, love, mercy, and grace that gives us comfort, hope, and joy. It is because of His grace that any of us can hope for change, it is because of His mercies that we are not consumed, we are blessed because of His goodness.

*Found in church bulletin – possibly a quote from Warren Wiersbe “With the Word”, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1991)? – I don’t have access to the book and so can’t check it out.


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