Noah’s window – or was it a roof?

Translation is not always easy. The story of Noah’s ark, for example. In Genesis chapter 6:16 there is a verse that says “Build a roof/window/skylight/opening for the ark. Finish it to a cubit (18 inches or about half a meter). OR Make it 18 inches high. Or leave 18 inches above it. OR…”. Well, you get the idea. The Hebrew word translated “window” or “roof” is only used once in the entire Bible so there’s no other context to compare it to. And it is different from either of the normal words used in the Hebrew for roof or window. Some scholars think maybe it meant some kind of window or skylight or opening around the top of the ark to let in light and air. Other scholars thought it meant a roof, specifically a sloped roof. Most older versions translated it as an 18 inch window. Many newer versions translate it as an 18 inch space between the roof and the sides of the ark – like a kind of ventilation. Others translate it as a roof that is 18 inches high at its peak – thus being very slightly sloped. One of the groups here translated it as a roof with the eaves extending 18 inches beyond the sides of the ark. To them that is what made sense because it would keep the rain out. Well, it turns out that according to some commentaries, that is also an option.

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12 responses to “Noah’s window – or was it a roof?

  1. joan

    i like the picture

  2. Jnan R. Saha

    There is story in Genesis about Noah when “God” warned him about Big Flood asked him to build an Ark and take 2 of each Species to re-populate the Earth. An exactly similar story appears in Ancient Indian Scriptures when “God” asked King Manu the same. All available information suggests that a Glacier broke and blocked the flow of a river and a huge lake formed behind that Glacier. It was known to “Educated” people at the time that Glacier would melt and cause a huge flood.
    Sometime in the past, around the same time a River named Saraswati that kept present day Indian Desert Thar green dried up. The story of Big Flood could be in India or where the Genesis said happened. It could not flood Mount Ararat upstream where some researchers found “Noah’s Ark”.

    • endsofearth

      Yes, there are many versions of the flood story. Here is a link to a three-page discussion of 150 flood stories from around the world. It is written from a Christian perspective.

    • adam

      you people try and try to find a logical answer on how that ark ended up on the mounten side and some do know they just dont want to be laughed at for saying it so i will!!!!!!!!!!640,000 years ago the earth shifted causeing ice from the n and s poloes to break away when all that fresh water hits the ocean it shuts the ocean current down greenlund suffered that many years ago sending europe into a small ice age now back the ark when the wave came in just like the movie 2012 shows it how else did you think it got there hello back then they didnt have nuclear power plants right !!!!!!!!!!! or missiles of destruction when it comes again without help from the creater and the children of love and knowledge we will die earthquakes volcanoes super stormes of destruction and will he stop it or let you see it so the meek will repect it more than before!!nostradomus wrote (layamens terms ufo,s) we will be visited and then the earth will shake understand now!!!! the ark was built not to preserve life but to make you think know how that get there hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i dont mean to affend people but come on it is the right length and hight to handle that tip of wave to be put on a mountin side i know the are people out there that think like that and dont want to be laughed at its understandable back then just before it happen dont think they where told what was going to happen and then taught there young to life was life farming for food hunting for food with no government coruption but creaters law of life simple now look at it judgement day is coming the deserving will go to paradise the meek will inherit the fix earth others will live another life the guilty will burn for there crimes ouch hate to them right!!!! you deside fellow brother and sisters……………

  3. Billy

    You guys are sick and morons believing you can fit all 10 million spieces onto a ship build by ancient pesents. Todays biggest Cruise ships would be way too small to do the job. Use your head a little and stop buying into these fake stories. We have wars on this planet becaouse of religious morons like I see here.

  4. cruise ships are the best, they have their own live entertainment and some pools on the deck .

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