Bibles, Bibles, and more Bibles

I am back in the US for a couple of months. Yesterday I was hanging around at a Barnes & Noble waiting for a friend. Although they are not a Christian bookstore they had an amazing number of Bibles. I didn’t have any paper with me so just jotted down what I could on the back of a receipt. I got the major ones  – but the list is not exhaustive. Here’s the list:

Transformation Study Bible

Apologetics Study Bible

Chronological Study Bible


Archeological Study Bible

Inductive Study Bible

Application Study Bible

Scofield Study Bible

Ryrie Study Bible

MacArthur Study Bible

Quest Study Bible

Master Study Bible

Essential Study Bible

Teen Study Bible

Stewardship Study Bible

Woman’s Study Bible

Childrens’ Study Bible

American Patriot’s Study Bible

ESV Minister’s Bible

Green Bible

Life Application Bible

African Heritage Bible

Dead Sea Scrolls Bible

Catholic Bible

Catholic Teen Bible

Life Recovery Bible

Expanded Bible

Devotional Bible (Lucado)

Hope for Today Bible (Osteen)

Student Bible

Couples’ Bible

Moms’ Bible

Baby Keepsake Bible


Everyday Life Bible (Joyce Meyer)

Notetaker’s Bible

Sportsman’s Bible

Stockcar racing Bible

The Message

Life with God Bible (Foster, Willard et al)

Bloom Bible

In addition they had “plain” Bibles of at least the following versions:

KJV, NKJV, NIV, NAB, NLT, NRSV, CEV, ESV, Amplified, LB, Good News (TEV), Philipps, Berkley, TNIV, Jerusalem. Surprisingly, there were no plain NASB. And in the used book section I found a mint condition illustrated Reader’s Digest Condensed version!

I am overwhelmed.


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