The school above the wind

It was Friday night, the night of power. The full moon was hidden behind thick clouds in the windless tropical night. The sky to the west was bright with the lights of the city far below.
It had been a busy week at the small school house on the top of the mountains east of the city. The students had finished the national exams on Monday and the teacher had been busy filling in for the other teachers who hadn’t made it up the grueling motopathq2rcycle road the rest of that week. She lived in a small wooden house on low stilts a 20 minute walk from the school. The kitchen hut was on the ground and a few chickens roosted in baskets tied under the edges of the thatched roof. She finished washing the dishes from her evening meal, blew out the small kerosene lamp in the kitchen and retired to the room up on stilts. There she had a solar charged car battery which could operate a couple of 10 watt fluorescent bulbs plus provide enough power to charge her cell phone or even a laptop. After putting the finishing touches on her lesson preparations, she settled down for the night. But that night she wasn’t sleepy so she switched on the radio to listen to a program in a local language that starts at 9pm.
She became aware of something big and heavy moving on the tin roof of her house, but at first didn’t pay much attention to it because she was busy answering a text. Then the sound came closer to where she was laying and it got louder, rattling the metal roofing. She jumped up and down on the bamboo floor to shake the house to try to scare whatever it was away. But it didn’t go away. She went outside to see what it was but couldn’t see anything even in the bright moonlight.
She went back inside and lay down again. But the sound occurred again. She opened the door and there was the wooden board for barring the door hanging there. The third time she didn’t go out. In fact she couldn’t move, it was as if she was paralyzed. Whatever was on the roof seemed to slither along the roof and sounded for all the world like a giant python snake. She began to pray. It occurred to her that it was something evil sent by someone “playing” with black magic, someone who had studied at the “school above the wind”. She told the thing that she has done nothing to the one who sent it and it should go back to the one who called it forth. And it vanished. [She texted me at midnight and asked me to pray]. It took her a long to get to sleep as she lay thinking about what had happened.
The next afternoon after school she hurriedly cooked, bathed, fed the chickens and ate her own dinner while there was still daylight. Her brother usually lives in a hut nearby but he is down in the lowlands at the moment so there are no nearby neighbors. She’s a bit nervous about being alone this night but says she remembers David’s plea for protection and vindication in Psalm 7. And she is remembering how her prayer for deliverance last night was instantaneously granted. I told her I would pray too that she would sleep like a log.

So Lord, please give her Your sweet peace and a refreshing night’s sleep.


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