Who saw it coming?

I was just commenting a few weeks ago to a friend how that back when I was a kid we’d hear sermons at church about prophecies of the end times from the book of Revelation. We’d wonder what it would be like? Since then we’ve had books like the The Late Great Planet Earth  and later the Left Behind series. People put forth all sorts of ideas. We read about the beasts, the antichrist. Some older literature says that the beast will be the Popes or the Catholic religion. Some thought it would be communism or some future political power arising from a unified Europe. Others suggested a literal rebuilding of the old city of Babel in Iraq, others have suggested a revived Islamic empire. No one imagined that it might be America…

We read about a great apostasy. We imagined some external enemy – communists, maybe secular humanists, New Agers, or more recently, Muslims, coming after Christians, coercing people to join them. But we never imagined  what is happening now. We never imagined the destruction would come from within the church itself. We didn’t forsee the transformation into entertainment centers, run by secular business principles. Nor did we imagine the mysticism, occultism, and feel-good fairy tales that would replace sound Bible teaching. We didn’t imagine that worship would be replaced with sensual musical performances. Or that doing good deeds would replace the need for a Savior.

Who knew?


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One response to “Who saw it coming?

  1. Eliza

    Very sad and bad the apostasy that has swept the church. God bless you:)


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